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Whoop Ash will help maximize the full potential of your skin's total radiance by combating the evil elements that seek to steal, kill, and destroy your inherent beauty. You were born to glow!

Founder & CEO, Sheree Fletcher

Of African-American & Italian descent, Sheree was born to blaze an unusual path. Having a father who was a professional musician & martial arts expert and a mother with a serious creative flare, Sheree developed an unparalleled knack for artistic expressions at an early age.

In 1992, Sheree married actor Will Smith and had their only child, Willard Smith III, known by most as “Trey.” After the dissolution of their marriage in 1995, Sheree was challenged to shift her focus away from her career and on to managing life as a single parent.

Motivated by the book “The Secret Life of Bees” in 2003, Sheree was intrigued with what she had learned about the healing properties of honey, as a natural beauty product. It drove her to develop ideas concerning honey-based, natural organic skin care products. Her first rendering revolved around all natural skin care products, and thus her journey began. Sheree’s initial concoction of her special formulas was done atop the stove in her kitchen. Soon Sheree expanded her formula and experimented with other ingredients that would enhance the formula, namely Shea butter and coconut oil. After producing an all natural skin care product she was confident with, Sheree sought the advice and approval of some of her most discriminating friends. Not to her surprise, they were amazed at the quality and texture of the natural beauty product -- A rich & creamy natural organic skin care product was born!

Her next task was developing a name that would express her unique personality and the effectiveness of the natural beauty product. She decided on the name Whoop Ash! Using the terms together “whoop,” an expression used to describe annihilation or defeat, and “ash,” a commonly-used colloquialism denoting dry skin - Whoop Ash! annihilates dry skin. People today looking for all natural skin care products have found the answer in Whoop Ash. Formally introduced into the market in early 2009, this natural organic skin care product for “whooping ash” has experienced immediate popularity. As a natural beauty product, Whoop Ash benefits all users – men and women alike … even children! Whether you’re looking for a natural beauty product or a natural organic skin care product, Whoop Ash is the answer!

Sheree is remarried to former NFL running back Terrell Fletcher who is the pastor of a church in San Diego, California. Sheree spends her time between San Diego and Los Angeles.

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