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The key to keeping your skin soft and healthy is finding the best moisturizer. Most moisturizers available on the market today are composed of some formulation of oil and water, with added ingredients that may or may not help to combat specific skin problems. Be sure when you’re selecting a hand lotion or body lotion that you are reading the labels carefully and that you are selecting the best moisturizer available, based upon your needs!

The best skin-reviving body lotions are not lotions at all, but "creams" developed to help the skin rebound and recover from dramatic dehydration. Most will use the term lotion as opposed to "cream," but when looking to combat dryness you will need a "lotion" with less water content and with more punch...you are in need of a moisturizing cream. The best moisturizers are usually heavier creams that help repair damage due to UV exposure, daily use, and constant abuse. So whatever you decide to call it, hand lotions & hand creams and body lotions & body creams can also help even out skin tone. The absolute best hand lotions & creams will rejuvenate rough, dry hands giving them long-lasting smoothness that's never greasy or oily. Body lotions & creams can help revitalize chapped, cracked, splotchy skin, and the best moisturizer can help transform your skin into a softer, brighter, more evenly toned look. The best hand lotions & creams and the best moisturizers will also help give your skin a more youthful texture and feel, leaving your skin glowing and radiant -- and you more elegant and silky!

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